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  • Bonus Pack contents:Super Mario(1 Day)*1, Money Pack (S)*1
  • Bonus Pack contents:Inventory Enlarger(1Slot)*1, Escort Scroll*3, Lv4 EHC Stone*2
  • Bonus Pack contents:Escort Scroll*3, Blue Moon Crystal*10, SB, Crystal*2, Lv5 Luck Crystal*1, Divine Soul Crystal*2
  • Bonus Pack contents: Summon Scroll *1, Blue Moon Crystal*18, SB Crystal*7, Lv6 Luck Crystal*1, Divine Soul Crystal*4
  • Bonus Pack contents: Rebirth Cross*8,Summon Scroll *2, Blue Moon Crystal*27,Lv7 Luck Crystal*1,Divine Soul Crystal*6
  • Bonus Pack contents: Lv6 Star stone*1, Lv6 EHC stone*2, Purple Moon Crystal*15, Moon Seal*10,Lv7 Luck Crystal*1,Divine Soul Crystal*15
  • Bonus Pack contents: Lv6 Star stone*2 ,Lv6 EHC stone*4,Purple Moon Crystal*25, Purple book (Frag) *2, Verification*30, Divine Soul Crystal*20
  • Bonus Pack contents: Lv6 Star stone*4, Lv6 EHC stone*7, Purple Moon Crystal*40,Purple book (Frag) *5, Verification*50, Divine Soul Crystal*40
  • Bonus Pack contents: Lv7 Star stone*3, Lv7 EHC stone*1, Golden Luck Token*5, Moon Seal*99, Divine Soul Crystal*99,Purple book (Frag) *10
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